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Home décor has become a style statement. There are various products that exude elegance and style which embodies your lifestyle. If you are also looking for some exclusive and unique pieces of home decor, then SB Trading London gives you the right platform to explore a wide spectrum of options. We have brought together the best pieces from different parts of the world. These will make you relieve your childhood fascination once again. One such product in our kitty is the vintage compasses. Crafted from best quality metal like brass, they exude style and charm that is going to lure you.


Compasses have a long history, and they have been used for navigation, but they also have some charm attached to it. If you are inquisitive about them or have someone who loves such stuff, then gifting them these compasses is a great choice. Try this unconventional idea to add to your décor list and give it an adventurous tweak. We have them available in different sizes and styles; these magnetic navigation compasses are a great vintage décor buy. You can create an interesting living space with these curios. Our list of vintage products doest stops at compasses, there are other products on the list like showpieces memoria, keepsakes, silverware, etc. The options are endless at SB Trading.With a legacy of more than a decade, we have carved niche for ourselves. Our neverending approach to bring exclusive pieces of décor to you on one platform has made us one of the most sought after portals for those who are looking for outstanding vintage showpieces. If you are looking for some outstanding pieces of vintage home décor, then you can find the best quality products on our portal. So don’t delay any further, start clicking and buying.

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"Buying vintage product on an online shop was tough, but I must say that my shopping experience on SB Trading has been incredible. They have faster delivery and have authentic brass products."
Mike Stuart
"I wanted to add some regal appeal to my cutlery set and so was searching for silverware. I was amazed by the collections and products at SB Trading. The silverwares are very stylish."
Amanda Weeler
Interior designer
"I fell in love! This platform is definitely one-stop-shop for all kinds of vintage articles. This is my third purchase for SB Trading and all their products have turned out to be original and authentic."
Julia Paine
"One of the best stores for shopping of unique vintage products in London with hassle free delivery"
Chris Wokes
Interior Designer
"The website is just amazing. You can find all kinds of vintage products. I had always been fascinated by telescopes, though I have one, this mini version of the same is fantastic. The intricately engraved work on it and shiny texture look beautiful. "
Timothy Smith
"Must try for everyone who is a fan of collecting vintage products and love the retro look."
Jason Wood
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